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Governance and Accountability 

We strengthen health systems governance and accountability to drive continuous improvements in health sector performance

Health systems require strong and accountable governance to ensure they are delivering the quality services people need and deserve.

Options works with local stakeholders to design and deliver approaches that make government institutions more accountable for improving the health and wellbeing of their populations.

We apply a whole-of society approach, recognising the interdependence between health and other sectors. We recognise that strengthening health governance is a dynamic process, often happening in the context of decentralisation, shrinking fiscal space and an ever-changing political landscape.

We work with partners to:

  • Strengthen government stewardship for high-quality, inclusive and equitable health outcomes.
  • Support inclusive and participatory health systems that respond to the needs of the most marginalised people.
  • Help citizens to influence the health agenda by providing training, mentorship and funding to civil society and community groups, focussing on those that are most directly affected.
  • Build trust and strengthen ties across government, healthcare workers, civil society, academics, media and the private sector to collaborate, identify and solve the root causes of poor health outcomes.
  • Increase access to information and improve transparency so that the right data is available at the right time to inform decisions and hold those in positions of power to account.

Our work on governance and accountability has led to:


people, including gender-based violence survivors, people with disabilities and mental health conditions, supported to access the care they need as a result of our work to build inclusive and participatory
health systems, since 2019.


accountability mechanisms  and coalitions set up across 19 countries, and supported to increase dialogue and joint problem solving amongst communities, governments, health providers, and the private sector.


civil society organisations supported since 2017 to strengthen their technical and organisational capacity to advocate and hold governments accountable for improved health outcomes.

Download our Governance and Accountability brief