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Maternal and Newborn Health

Improving access to, and quality of, maternal and newborn care.

Options supports countries around the world to make life-saving improvements to maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health.  

How we’re accelerating improved access to quality maternal and newborn health

Contributing to policy, designing strategies and strengthening governance mechanisms

We support our partners to create an enabling environment for safe motherhood, newborn health and adolescent empowerment programmes that improve access to services and quality of care. Drawing on the latest global evidence and standards, we help partners continually revisit, update and implement programmes across the continuum of care in response to emerging contextual challenges. In this way we support governments to develop visionary strategies and policies, introduce innovative health financing solutions and embed new ways of improving service quality.

Catalysing grassroots change and advocating for appropriate financing

We empower local civil society organisations to hold decision-makers to account. We nurture local partnerships, coalitions and campaigns to build and strengthen legitimate demands for quality maternal and newborn health services and women’s reproductive health rights. We provide consultative mechanisms and thought partnership to connect global goals and local needs.

Building evidence and enabling access to data

We analyse evidence and translate data into formats that makes data usable. This allows us to help decision-making processes within government and support advocacy and accountability mechanisms among civil society. We also make the best use of emerging technology to innovate interactive tools that deliver up-to-date information.

Strengthening human resources for health

We support training and mentorship on clinical practices to build grassroots-level capacity, deliver high quality maternity services, strengthen emergency care, provide reliable contraception, prevent unwanted pregnancies and undertake safe abortion care.