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Our values

Options is a values-driven consultancy.

We are committed to the following principles:

Our expertise delivers sustainable impact

We deliver high quality work that is adaptive, flexible and contextually relevant, through team members who are locally connected. Our experts build long-lasting skills that make a difference and create partnerships that work for all. We are courageous and take measured risks to achieve our goals, embracing tough challenges.

Our work generates profit with a purpose

We are a unique business that delivers a double impact. We drive transformative health and social change and use efficient commercial approaches that generate profit. We give 100% of our profit to our owner, MSI Reproductive Choices, to further their mission to make choice possible around the world

Through growth and learning, we find new ways to solve complex problems

We nurture talent and are committed to developing our people and our organisation. We seek out and create opportunities to reflect, learn, improve and evolve, building an empowered global team that is bold in achieving change.

We act with integrity, always

We recognise that integrity is easy to say but not always easy to live. We create an environment that values honesty, holding ourselves accountable for our decisions and behaviours. We believe that how we work is as important as our work.

We are building a truly equitable workplace

We are committed to doing what it takes to be a company where team members in all their diversity are valued, listened to, enabled to act, supported to succeed, and are proud to work. We are building an organisation where influence and resources are rooted in the places where change happens.

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