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George Ogola

Kenya Country Lead, Evidence for Action-MamaYe

George is a public health practitioner, with technical expertise and a passion for impactful positive health outcomes for marginalized groups. He has experience with both on-the-ground implementation and leadership with different health projects in the public and private sectors.

He has a wealth of experience in initiating regional, national, and sub-national level advocacy dialogues between policy/budget decision makers and coalitions of civil society organisations, on decisions affecting marginalized groups in society. His experience also includes managing relationships and collaborating with multiple stakeholders including donors.

His specialist areas include:

  • Coalition building
  • Civic education for meaningful public participation in government health investment decisions
  • Public health policy and planning processes
  • Power mapping using political economy analysis tool
  • Development of capacity building modules on gender transformative advocacy
  • Advocacy strategy development
  • Capacity building and technical assistance to coalitions for sustained advocacy approaches