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Local Partnerships

We build equal, long-term partnerships with government and civil society

The presence of high capacity, sustainable local institutions is critical for achieving health for all and enhancing resilience to shocks.

At Options our partnerships are based on respect and mutual trust. Our role is to deliver bespoke support which is co-created with our partners based on what they tell us they need. This builds local capacity to lead and deliver health interventions, to influence policy and make lasting change.

We work with partners to:

  • Build strong local institutions with the technical, organisational and resource mobilisation capacity to access funding and position themselves as trusted implementors.
  • Co-design and support delivery of approaches and programmes for improving health outcomes and making lasting impact.
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange, learning and skills transfer through demand-driven technical assistance with national and local government officials.
  • Design and manage mechanisms which channel funds effectively to grassroots partners so they can innovate and drive health improvements.
  • Build the capacity of activists and civil society organisations to create resilient, purpose-driven coalitions which advocate and mobilise for change within their communities.