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Assessment of Health Facility Operations and Management Committees in Nepal

Technical brief

27 April 2023
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The Government of Nepal introduced Health Facility Operation and Management Committees (HFOMCs) in 2003 as the facility level health governance mechanism that could help achieve efficiency and responsiveness in health system. In 2015, following federalism these
committees were revived under the jurisdiction of local governments, with the potential to link health facilities, the local government, and the local communities better. As health is guaranteed as a fundamental right by the Constitution of Nepal with the local governments responsible for delivering ‘basic health and sanitation’, it is crucial for health services to respond to local demands.

Under the leadership of the Curative Services Division, Department of Health Services of Ministry of Health & Population, the UK aid funded Nepal Health Sector Support Programme (NHSSP), an embedded technical assistance team, undertook an assessment of HFOMCs at local-level clusters to understand the level of HFOMC’s activity, their influence within the health system decision-making, and the engagement between HFOMCs and local communities. The study aims to inform a strategic approach that empowers HFOMCS to play a more effective role in local health systems.

Governance and Accountability Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning
UK aid

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