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Health Systems Strengthening

Building strong, equitable and resilient health systems to achieve universal health coverage

Our approaches to health systems strengthening build on decades of programmatic learning from our long-term, large-scale work at national and sub-national levels.  

Our approach to building strong, resilient health systems is based around three interrelated principles:

Local ownership

Our organisation is driven by those closest to the issues we tackle. With national teams based across sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, we work closely with local networks and partners to design and implement solutions to the most pressing health challenges.

Dynamic adaptive learning

From inception, our projects are based on context specific pathways of change that build in flexibility and promote feedback loops and rapid response. We think and work politically, enabling us to listen to the challenges stakeholders are facing and adapt programmes accordingly.

Whole-of-society approach

Achieving lasting systems change requires diving beneath the surface of a system to identify the unique roles each actor plays and the dynamic relationships between them, in order to spot solutions and identify levers for change. We support multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral collaboration and coordination, bringing together a diversity of actors to work together and innovate for change.