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Rebekah McKay-Smith

Country Regional Hub


Options has worked in Kenya over the last two decades as a trusted and locally embedded partner to both the national and county governments, with an operational footprint in 26 of the
47 counties.

Drawing on our deep technical expertise and local networks, Options provides governments and partners with technical assistance to improve health sector performance creating the impetus towards achieving universal health coverage.

Our work has focused on:
  • Improving quality of reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child and adolescent health (RMNCAH).
  • Strengthening health systems governance, stewardship and accountability mechanisms to increase domestic financing for health and support local advocates to hold government to account on their commitments.
  • Accelerating social change by building powerful coalitions and galvanising social movements, to challenge gender inequality, reduce stigma and enable women and girls to make informed choices.
  • Fostering health system resilience through innovation in the global health security and climate change and global health space to drive transformational improvements.
Our commitment

We are committed to working with the Kenyan government and partners to accelerate progress towards universal health coverage through a responsive, holistic, patient-centred approach that supports the country’s efforts to decentralise its health systems and transition away from aid. We continue to contribute towards building resilient and equitable health systems, by leveraging transformative innovations at scale, working collaboratively with partners, including the vibrant private sector in Kenya, and enhancing citizen participation and accountability mechanisms.

our impact in kenya


increase in national domestic budget allocation for family planning commodities between financial year 2019/20 and 2020/21.


safe deliveries for pregnant women through designing and implementing a transport voucher scheme.


national reproductive health policies, strategies, guidelines or plans developed or reviewed for improved health financing management.

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