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Update of national guidelines for people living with HIV/AIDS

Options supported the updating of the national guidelines for psychological and social counselling for people living with HIV/AIDS in Liberia. The guidelines were updated in response to programmatic advances in HIV counselling testing, WHO recommendations and best practices from other countries, as well as advances in prevention and the treatment and care of HIV-infected persons.

Options carried out the following:

  • Analysed current practices in psychological and social support in Liberia
  • Identified the strategies and the protocols of counselling for HIV testing for adults, children, most at risk populations and pregnant women
  • Updated the national strategy and protocol of pre and post HIV-test counselling for children, adults, key populations and pregnant women
  • Updated the strategy and the methodology for psychological and social support for infected people in HIV care and treatment
  • Updated the training plan for counsellors including pedagogic objectives
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