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Maureen Dar Iang


Maureen is a public health clinician based in Nepal, with experience working in international health across multiple countries.

Maureen has in-depth contextual and operational experience of health system reform and strengthening, from working during a period of civil conflict, large-scale earthquakes, the COVID-19 pandemic, and decentralisation towards a Federal State in Nepal.

As part of the Nepal Health Sector Support Programme, Maureen led the technical team in an advisory role to the Ministry of Health. Her focus was on strengthening the health system, including support to the development of the government-owned and led system for implementing and monitoring improved quality of care, and designing and testing innovations to better reach poor and excluded groups, who are often living in challenging geographical environments, with health services. She supported the government to formulate and develop various national strategies, plans and guidelines.

Maureen was educated as a medical doctor in Myanmar and had further public health training in Germany. She has worked at rural hospitals in Myanmar and Nepal, providing both in-patient and out-patient services. She has also worked with grassroots organisations focusing on women’s empowerment and capacity enhancement of health volunteers. She has worked directly with the district health system to increase the availability and functionality of services for maternal and child health care services.