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Options has worked in over 50 countries throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

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  • The Girl Generation
    By Faith Mwangi-Powell, Global Director, The Girl Generation The Girl Generation is the largest-ever global collective of organisations working to end FGM and this month marks the end of The Girl Generation’s five-year partnership with the UK’s Department for International Development.
    Monday, 4 Feb 2019
  • Simple intervention leads to increased quality of care in hospitals, Tanzania
    Options has been working to improve quality standards in 28 hospitals in Tanzania. In 2016, just two of these hospitals met the minimum standard. By 2018, all facilities supported by the programme had reached the target, thanks to strengthened feedback mechanisms and new improvement plans.
    Thursday, 31 Jan 2019 Tanzania
  • Giving young people a voice on adolescent health in Bungoma County Kenya
    There are 200 million young people living in sub-Saharan Africa, yet older generations are still the decision-makers on issues like adolescent healthcare. E4A-MamaYe has been working to change this, giving young people a voice to ensure governments invest in their health and in their future.
    Tuesday, 22 Jan 2019 Kenya

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