Evaluation of maternal and newborn projects

The goal of the Federation of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians (FIGO) Saving Mothers and Newborns Initiative was to reduce maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality and contribute to the achievement of MDG goals 4 and 5 in a number of low income countries. The project aimed to build and sustain the capacity of the obstetric and gynaecology and midwifery societies in the participating countries to conduct essential projects relevant to the promotion of safe motherhood and the improvement of maternal health.

Options was contracted by FIGO to undertake baseline assessments and end of project evaluations for their Saving Mothers and Newborns Initiative. The baseline setting included developing a standardised evaluative framework for the ten-country projects in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Haiti, Kosovo, Moldova, Pakistan, Peru, Ukraine, Uruguay; offering ongoing monitoring and feedback; capacity-building; and advice and trouble-shooting. The end of project evaluation assessed the efficiency, effectiveness, impact, coherence, relevance and sustainability of the projects as well as the challenges faced.  Recommendations and lessons learnt were generated to inform future programme design and allocation of funding. 

Our experts

  • Rachel Grellier
    Rachel Grellier is a senior gender and social inclusion specialist with extensive experience in the areas of maternal health, sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, gender, and voice and accountability. Rachel has led evaluation and impact assessments, and is experienced in using a wide variety of approaches to gain insights into patients’, communities’, service providers’ and governments’ perspectives on health programmes. She is a PEER (Participatory Ethnographic Evaluation and Research) specialist, having led and supervised studies in Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco, Uganda, Rwanda, Papua New Guinea and India.

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