• Coalitions using problem driven political economy analysis

Supporting coalitions to drive their advocacy agenda to improve maternal health

Wednesday, 21 Jul 2021
E4A-MamaYe supports coalitions and CSOs to access and use tools such as political economy analysis to drive their advocacy agendas. Find out how this approach has worked in Kenya and Nigeria.

As we support coalitions to drive their own advocacy agenda, we believe ensuring they have access to tools like political economy analysis (PEA) is key.

Options' Evidence for Action-MamaYe programme has provided training and mentorship to coalitions in Kenya and Nigeria to enable them to use PEA approaches to plan their advocacy. We use a “problem driven” PEA approach to identify the factors affecting maternal and child health, the interactions between the political, economic and social factors that affect a problem and understand the different interest and power dynamics that can help or hinder change. We support coalitions to use these findings to map out the steps they can take in the short and long term to achieve their goals and forge key alliances that make them allies rather than the adversaries of decision-makers.

In 2021, the programme asked for feedback from coalitions to find out ‘what is working, where, why and how’ in using this approach. Find out their top three lessons in this blog.

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