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Supporting the Ebola response and recovery planning in Sierra Leone

Find out how Options provided vital support to the Sierra Leon's health system throuhout the Ebola outbreak as part of the government's response.

8 April 2015

This included:

Working with Sierra Leone’s laboratory system to ensure prompt turnaround of Ebola test results. Funded by DFID, Options rapidly mobilised a team to work with the Sierra Leone Laboratory Technical Working Group, National Laboratories Coordination Centre and District Ebola Response Centres to provide expertise to improve the ways vital laboratory data is managed.

Rapid assessment of impact on how people seek and are able to receive reproductive health services in the context of the Ebola outbreak. Funded by UNFPA, Options is evaluating the impact of Ebola on reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health services and identifying the challenges in health seeking behaviour amongst women and adolescents.

Disseminating public health information. Our programme Evidence for Action programme in Sierra Leone is providing access to, and disseminating, key evidence and latest information about the effects of the outbreak on maternal and newborn health services and to the broader Ebola response.

Having contributed to the response efforts for curbing the Ebola outbreak, our teams in Sierra Leone are now actively supporting the recovery and resilience planning by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation with a range of approaches to support the restoration of health services and post Ebola resilience.

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