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Scaling up mental health services in Ghana

Preliminary evidence from district demonstration sites

14 April 2023
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This policy brief presents preliminary evidence from district demonstration sites to inform the scaling up of integrated mental health services in Ghana.

Key messages:

  • District mental healthcare plans can have a positive impact on reducing the treatment gap for mental health services through an integrated approach to the detection, treatment, and management of mental health conditions.
  • Training and supportive supervision are required to ensure that district-level mental health service providers have the skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality mental healthcare. Focus areas for training and supervision include identification, assessment, and management of mental health conditions.
  • It is important to engage all relevant stakeholders in the planning and implementation of the plans to ensure ownership.
  • Standard Operating Procedures are essential to ensure that mental health care plans are effective and sustainable.
Focus areas
Gender Equality Disability and Social Inclusion
Scaling Solutions

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