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Empowering women and driving economic development through family planning in Madagascar

Over the past 20 years, Madagascar has made significant progress in increasing modern contraceptive use from 12.4% to 42%. However, misconceptions about family planning persist, with some people still considering that having many children is a sign of wealth. Investing in birth control is crucial for achieving demographic dividend and enabling countries to develop. For every 1 dollar invested in birth control, we can expect to get at least 150 dollars in return, particularly if women can space out births and participate in the economy.

Options’ Country Lead  for the  WISH2Action programme in Madagascar, Dr. Onisoa Rindra Raindera, recently took part in a TV debate on Malagasy TV. In this engaging discussion, she stresses the importance of prioritising family planning as a means of empowering women and driving economic development.

Watch the full debate here:

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