Pre-feasibility study to identify innovative financing approaches for sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS

The objective of the study was to develop novel approaches for a reoriented and enlarged regional sexual and reproductive health programme financed through German financial cooperation. The reoriented programme will focus on innovative results-based financing approaches for sexual and reproductive health services, and in particular HIV/AIDS, to contribute to the strengthening of overall health care systems.

Options conducted the pre-feasibility study and presented a set of outline proposals and entry points for innovative financing approaches to increase access to and use of sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS services and products in Central America.

The proposals focused on regional approaches and presented a range of options for different overall financing levels. The proposals included:

  • Gaps and challenges in service provision and use which could be addressed through financial cooperation innovative financing approaches in a cost-effective manner
  • Innovative financing methods with potential application in Central America to address these challenges
  • Potential programme partners at regional and national levels
  • Outline of proposals for potential entry points for German financial cooperation
  • Overall level of resources and time frame for the different options
  • Outline terms of reference for the feasibility study.


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