Gateshead design and sexual health project

Options UK were commissioned by Dott 07 (Designs of the time 2007) to use best service design techniques to develop a sexual health service for the town, where people could be seen with 48 hours of first contact, the treatment pathway was clear and the service best met the needs, preferences and circumstances of all users. Our team worked collaboratively with commissioners and the sexual health team within Gateshead PCT to design and implement consultation methods that best suited the population of Gateshead and effectively captured the views and preferences of key high risk and hard to reach groups. Together we mapped existing services and stakeholders, identified a range of methods and approaches, designed consultation tools, undertook the consultation and analysed and interpreted the findings. The methods we used included a random sample survey of 500 residents of Gateshead; one-to-one interviews; workshops to explore pathways of care; cultural probes; ‘a day in the life of ’ questionnaires; review of literature; clinic visits; photo mapping and stakeholder interviews.

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