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Design of project to improve delivery of maternal health services

Options designed DFID’s programme of support to the Ministry of Health’s strategy to scale up access to emergency obstetric care to address poor maternal health indicators, with a focus on addressing bottlenecks in the sector and improving maternal health by supporting implementation of reform.

The design process included the following activities:

  • Assessed the implementation status of Zambia’s maternal health strategy and how DFID’s proposed support would address gaps and complement other initiatives.
  • Defined research questions and parameters to analyse and better understand the drivers of the reduction in MMR and IMR
  • Designed a community based initiative to raise awareness, address barriers to accessing care and increase demand for assisted deliveries and in rural Zambia.
  • Identified the Ministry of Health needs for emergency obstetric care equipment and conducted a situation analysis of partners currently supporting this area. Produced an up to date inventory of equipment needed with indicative costings.
  • Identification of maternal health policy work that DFID could possibly support.
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