• Health workers during Covid-19 in Kenya

Covid-19 recovery and response

Wednesday, 1 Sep 2021
Options is supporting countries and communities to respond to COVID-19, to protect essential health services for women and girls, and to promote an inclusive pandemic response.


Our long-standing partnerships with national and sub-national governments enables us to play a key role in pandemic preparation and response. As members of COVID-19 planning task forces and committees in several countries, we support governments to find practical solutions that adapt to the evolving situation.


COVID-19 has shifted governments attention towards the pandemic response, threatening to reverse years of progress in improving health outcomes for women and girls. In several countries, contraceptive uptake dropped close to zero at the start of the pandemic as curfews, a lack of public transportation, and fear of contracting the virus in health facilities severely limited the provision of sexual and reproductive health services


People with disabilities, mental health conditions, and women and girls face an increased risk of gender-based violence during the pandemic. Options aims to ensure that no one is left behind in the COVID-19 response by promoting an inclusive pandemic response.

Looking to the future

Experts agree that the world is likely see other pandemics in the coming decades, and that COVID-19 is not a once in a lifetime event. The frequency of major epidemics like SARS and Ebola is increasing, and ecological factors are making it easier for diseases to pass from animals to humans. We are developing solutions to help countries prepare for future health emergencies and epidemics.

Options is continuously looking forward, innovating, and co-creating new solutions with our partners and clients. Click on the download below to find out how we can work with you to transform the problems of today into the solutions of tomorrow.

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