Family Planning Program Manager (Head-Division of Reproductive and Maternal Health)

Nairobi, Kenya
Commensurate with experience
Closing date: 
Monday, 21 October, 2019
The Kenyan Ministry of Health, through the Division of Reproductive and Maternal Health, with support from Options Consultancies Ltd and UNFPA, seek services of an expert to lead the development of, and facilitate the validation and finalisation of the National TMA for Family planning strategy 2019-2023.

The consultant will work in close collaboration with the Division of Reproductive and Maternal Health through the secretariat and a technical team composed of key stakeholders to develop the National TMA for Family planning strategy, who will form the TMA Expert Group. The strategy will be in line with global or regional best practices. The consultant will work alongside a representative from the MOH who will be assigned to support the assignment and to work alongside the consultant to build capacity on the Total Market Approach within the MOH to lead other relevant and similar assignments in the future.

The scope of this assignment will cover the following areas:

  • Develop and submit an inception report and assignment work plan: Following an inception meeting with the TMA expert group, develop an inception report describing the consultants’ understanding of the TORs for this assignment, proposed methodology and approach for its implementation, and a work plan illustrating the expected deliverables and timelines for completion of specific tasks. The inception report should specify the structure and content of deliverables as agreed during the inception meeting, and should outline a proposed approach and schedule for the final stakeholder consultation meeting to validate findings and define a work plan and monitoring framework.
  • Conduct a desk review of relevant data, policies, strategies, plans, program and donor reports among others. The consultant is expected to synthesize existing evidence from secondary data sources to help construct indicators, analyze patterns and trends in key TMA indicators and identify key variables for stratification and market segmentation. The consultant will review the following key documents, among others:
    • Diagnostic Assessment of Kenya’s Family Planning Market, ESHE 2015 (report available from ESHE)
    • Kenya Total Market Approach for Family Planning, UNFPA 2016 (report available from ESHE)
    • Market segmentation analysis 2018
    • Baseline Market conditions 2018
    • Status of free commodities in private sector 2018
    • Kenya FP2020 Commitment and progress reports
    • National Family Planning Costed Implementation Plan, 2017-2020
    • Draft National Commodity Security Strategy 2019-23
    • Relevant MOH policies, strategies and plans
    • The DESIP Landscape analysis, 2019
    • Household surveys and other data that can inform an in-depth analysis of the family planning market (eg. DHS, MICS, PMA data, other national and sub-national surveys)
  • Conduct a desk review of key guidance and strategies relating to TMA at the global and regional level. The consultant is expected to synthesize key lessons and guidance on TMA for FP or other sectors that can be relevant and applied to the TMA for FP strategy.
  • Design and implement a qualitative assessment with selected stakeholders to identify and fill where gaps in evidence remain to complete an in-depth analysis of the FP market segmentation. These interviews should include obtaining stakeholder insights and guidance on content or approaches that should be included in the TMA for Family planning strategy, and should ask respondents about gaps/ needs in evidence. This will include:
    • Design of tools for the qualitative data will be informed by the desk review and inception meeting with partners, including information and consent forms.
    • Identification of respondent list to be defined and agreed by the TMA for Family planning strategy Steering Group
    • Conduct interviews, analyze interview data and write up findings
  • Present and discuss the findings with the TWG and agree on the direction of the of TMA for FP Strategy
  • Develop draft and coordinate consultative finalization of a TMA for Family Planning Strategy for 2019-2023
    • Develop a draft TMA for Family Planning Strategy, including data needed to further inform and refine the Strategy
    • Facilitate a validation and planning meeting with key stakeholders to:
      • Present the key highlights of the strategy for validation and feedback
      • In consultation with stakeholders, develop and agree an implementation framework clearly outlining the responsibilities of various institutions at the national and sub-national level.
      • Define and agree a monitoring framework with SMART indicators to track progress of the TMA for Family planning strategy with stakeholders
    • Submit a final version (incorporating the input from the workshop) of the TMA for Family planning strategy with a Monitoring and Evaluation framework and a detailed 2 year implementation plan ready for publication and launch.
Person specification: 

The following competencies are required for the assignment:

  • Master’s degree in Social Sciences, Public Health, Pharmacy, demography or related field. Previous experience working in FP supply chain or marketing will an added advantage
  • At least 10 years of professional experience in health related market research in Kenya or the region, preferably in SRH or FP 
  • Demonstrable experience in government policy analysis or development and of working with policy makers
  • Experience in building the capacity of counterparts
  • A good understanding of and/or experience in the Kenyan health sector
  • Strong analytical and research skills (both quantitative and qualitative)
  • Excellent report writing skills with ability to analyze information/data and present it in a clear and concise manner. A sample report of work previously completed by the consultant is a requirement.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A good understanding of the social, political and economic context in Kenya
  • Proficiency in written English.
Application process: 

Interested candidates may submit their CVs including names of three references from organizations they’ve worked for in the last five years, to Options by email

Applications close on 21st October 2019 (date to be agreed on with the Division of Reproductive and Maternal Health).

Only successful applicants will be contacted.

Other information: 

Options is an equal opportunities employer.

Our organisation is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults and expects all staff and post holders to share this commitment.

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