COVID-19 mitigation

Options has rapidly adapted our existing global portfolio to respond to the challenges of COVID-19. Throughout Africa and Asia, our teams are working to:

  • Support governments' pandemic response
  • Maintain essential services for women and girls
  • Leave no one behind
  • Build back better to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

Options is continuously looking forward, innovating, and co-creating new solutions with our partners and clients. Further funding and partnerships will enable us to transform the problems of today into the solutions of tomorrow.

We’re currently developing plans to:

  • Establish community alert and response mechanisms to identify and manage COVID-19 cases
  • Produce data visuals to better inform communities on the status of the epidemic
  • Study community perceptions about a future COVID-19 vaccine to promote vaccine acceptance
  • Bring technology to guide future modelling capabilities for government planning of health infrastructure
  • Explore use of drones to deliver essential medicines and supplies in hard to reach areas in ways that are aligned with wider health systems and can equip governments to respond to future emergencies

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In Kenya, Options has supported three counties to hold virtual, government led technical working group meetings, which had not been operational since the pandemic started. These have been effective forums to review family planning commodity security.

In Ghana, Options is working with partners to assess service delivery gaps from a disability and mental health perspective, develop accessible public health information, and support the media to ensure that its reporting is not stigmatising or discriminatory.

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Our experts

  • Alison Dembo Rath
    Alison Dembo Rath leads Options’ health systems work, with a particular focus on South Asia. She has over 20 years’ experience in design, management, monitoring and evaluation of health systems development programmes at policy and implementation levels. Building on her early career in nursing in the UK, Alison has particular expertise in delivering quality maternal and newborn health care services. Alison has experience of working across Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, managing UKAid-funded maternal health and health sector programmes in India and Nepal.
  • Jo Elms
    Jo has been the Managing Director of Options since 2013, bringing insights gained over a career of more than 25 years in international development. Jo has held leadership positions in a range of organisations, both businesses and NGOs, and has substantial experience of developing strategies and partnerships across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Since joining Options in 2006, Jo has directed its portfolio of international programmes and has ensured the growth of Options has been combined with high standards of delivery. Jo is on the Board of Options for International Health (OIH), ensuring the programmes funded through OIH complement and benefit from the Options’ broader work in health, with governments, donors and a range of partners across Africa and Asia.
  • Maya Jaffe
    Maya Jaffe leads the processes through which Options develops new business and is responsible for the successful bidding for work. Prior to working at Options, Maya was a Senior Health Advisor for Crown Agents, where her work focused on strategic planning, business development, design and delivery of training courses and project management. Maya’s skills include: programme design, project management, health systems strengthening, grant management, procurement and supply chain management and organisational development.
  • Sara Bandali, DrPH
    Sara Bandali has over 15 years’ experience in health sector development, including research, policy development and programme design and implementation. She has worked within government, for implementing organisations and the UN. Sara has expertise in maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, malaria, community health, health systems strengthening, and water supply and sanitation. She has facilitated policy dialogue on cross-sectorial initiatives including HIV/AIDS and gender and early childhood development. Sara is a leading expert on use of evidence and development of accountability mechanisms to advocate for better maternal and newborn health services.
  • Sara Nam, PhD
    Sara Nam is a public health professional with close to 20 years’ experience providing technical assistance to and implementing health programmes and conducting research and programme evaluations. Sara is a qualified midwife, bringing technical expertise in the design and delivery of maternal and newborn health services, health planning and management, strengthening human resources and improving quality of care. Sara has supported health programmes in a variety of development and emergency situations and fragile states, most recently in Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak.
  • Marleen Vellekoop
    Marleen has over 12 years of experience in strengthening health systems in Southern Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. She has held management, technical, team leadership and business development roles in projects funded by the Dutch government and UKAid. With a background in political science and public health, she has combined these areas of expertise for the design and implementation of high quality health sector programmes, with a focus on governance and accountability at all levels of the health system.

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More about Options
Established in 1992, Options has worked in over 50 countries. We lead and manage health sector programmes on behalf of international donors and national governments.
Established in 1992, Options has worked in over 50 countries. We lead and manage health sector programmes on behalf of international donors and national governments.

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