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Thursday, 14 Jun 2018 Kenya
In Bungoma county, the supply of blood is difficult to retain due to lack of volunteers donating blood, a high prevalence of bloodborne infections & limited funding...
UHSSP staff talking about the common health care entitlement card, Bangladesh
Tuesday, 15 May 2018 Bangladesh
Improving access to maternal, newborn and reproductive health services for the urban poor in Bangladesh
Community Forum, Yobe State, Northern Nigeria
Monday, 30 Apr 2018 Nigeria
Civil society plays a central role in holding the government to account. To ensure commitments are followed-up with political will and action, MNCH2 is working with...
Wednesday, 25 Apr 2018 Nepal
How Nepal’s first dedicated Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre, supported by Options, transformed lives after the Nepal earthquakes.
Assembling UBT parts at the KMET centre for Maternal Health Innovations unit
Monday, 9 Apr 2018 Kenya
How a low-cost, simple intervention saves a mother's life.
Friday, 6 Apr 2018 Ethiopia
Evidence 4 Action supported the Ethiopia Government to introduce a national Maternal Death Surveillance and Response System in 2013. Since then, significant changes have...
Wednesday, 7 Mar 2018 Bangladesh
"By 'gender equality' I understand equal opportunity for both sexes. Wherever possible I try to give a platform to everyone. It’s every human being’s...
Pujita, Architect, NHSSP Nepal
Wednesday, 7 Mar 2018 Nepal
This International Women's Day we're celebrating some of the amazing women working for Options and championing gender equality where they live and work.
Credit: The Girl Generation
Tuesday, 6 Feb 2018
Today marks the International Day of Zero Tolerance to End FGM. A day where people and organisations come together to raise awareness of the need to abandon the practice...
Charikot. Credit: Corinne Redfern
Thursday, 25 Jan 2018 Nepal
Options’ Health Infrastructure Team is strengthening health facilities and infrastructure planning in Nepal to 'Build Back Better'.
Health facility in Northern Nigeria
Wednesday, 10 Jan 2018 Nigeria
The Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Programme (MNCH2) is working to improve maternal neonatal and health outcomes in Northern Nigeria by setting up Village Health...
Solar lighting system
Wednesday, 6 Dec 2017 Kenya
"“Now that we have solar power, supported by MANI, powering the maternity unit, lighting, supporting critical equipment and powering the incubators in the newborn...

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